Our Team @ HKU

Funded by the Mental Health Initiatives Scheme, the HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention endeavours to promote evidence-based whole-school suicide prevention through student leadership. Our team consists of field experts in suicide prevention as well as young researchers and students who are passionate about mental health promotion in the student population.

CSRP Staff

Prof. Paul S. F. Yip


Prof. Yip is the Director of the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention and a Chair Professor of the HKU Department of Social Work and Social Administration.

Dr. Anna Wong

Project Leader

Anna studied Music and Psychology of Education at Cambridge University and is currently a Research Assistant Professor at HKU. Her research aims to transform schools into Wellbeing First Schools – where student wellbeing is treated as top priority. Her research topics include suicide prevention and music for wellbeing in schools.

Ms. Ingrid Lui

Research Assistant

Ingrid studied Public Health at the University of Hong Kong, and Psychology and Global Health at the University of Toronto. She is passionate about using a public health approach to improve youth mental health and well-being.

University Student Assistants

Ms. Zoe Cheung

University Student Assistant

Zoe is a year 3 student at The University of Hong Kong studying Politics & Public Administration and Sociology. She is interested in raising awareness on mental health among youth in a sustainable way.

Ms. Karina Chen

University Student Assistant

University Student Mentors

Current undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Hong Kong

CSRP Partners

Advisors and trainers in mental health promotion and suicide prevention, including social workers, educational psychologists, counselling psychologists and data scientists.

Previous Project Team Members

Ms. Christy Tsang

Research Assistant

Christy studied Psychology and Philosophy at The University of Hong Kong and is experienced in student mental health education, having taught university courses related to suicide prevention, and is passionate about research in promoting help-seeking and wellbeing among youth.

Mr. Jacky Lok

Project Officer

Jacky studied Applied Psychology in Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is experienced in research on cognitive psychology.

Ms. Chloe Tam

University Student Assistant

Chloe is a graduate of The University of Hong Kong who studied Psychology and English Studies. She is interested in mental health issues and has extensive internship and research experience. ​

Ms. Angel Hui

University Student Assistant

Angel is a year 4 student at The University of Hong Kong studying Psychology and Neuroscience. She has great interest in mental health research and youth empowerment