Students’ Expectations

What do our students want to achieve from the training programme? Let’s see!


How to treat others

Personal Development

Students’ Concerns

What are the concerns of our students? Let’s find them out! 

I am afraid that…

I’m not too familiar with…

Students’ Voices

Students came to our training programme with different expectations and they shared their concerns as well. After a series of learning and training activities, they eventually learned and gained a lot! See our participants’ feedback! 

I learned how to deal with my own emotions and take care of others’ feelings through the activities.

I understand that we should not take it on alone when our peers come to us for help. We should go to other adults, social workers or teachers to solve the problem together.

The thing I received most clarity and enlightenment is to care for myself before helping others and to not put the burden of helping others onto me and myself only

I am happy that the day camp included both theoretical knowledge and practical application which allowed me to learn how to help people around me.

It’s ok to be not ok!

The most important takeaway: how to soothe people with suicidal ideation and ways of referral.

You are not alone in your journey to become a gatekeeper! We will always be there with you!  

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